Sunrise TLD Setup Guide

Following are the steps you need to perform from within your Control Panel to setup your Sunrise TLD(s) for your Customers and Sub-Resellers:

  • Activate the Sunrise TLD(s) for your Reseller Account. 1

    Additional Information

    Identifying New gTLD Extensions

  • Set your Selling Price for the Sunrise TLD(s). 2

  • Buy Flow:

    • SuperSite:

      • The below files have been introduced:

        • Products -> Domain -> Domain_registration -> New_gtlds -> New_gtlds.html

        • Products -> Domain -> Domain_registration -> New_gtlds -> Sunrise.html

        • Products -> Domain -> Domain_registration -> New_gtlds -> Sunrise_result.html

      • The below file has been updated:

        • Misc -> Page_titles.txt

        If you have made any modifications to this file, you need to update it to include the changes related to Sunrise TLDs.

    • API: You need to integrate the following API calls in your website -

      • Sunrise TLDs List: Fetches the list of TLDs currently in the Sunrise Period. 3

      • Check Availability: Performs a domain availability check for the string. 4


        The string(s) that the Trademark holder can use to register domain names in the Sunrise Period can be found in the SMD file.

        Additional Information

        Signed Mark Data (SMD) File

      • Domain Registration: This will be the Domain Registration API call. 5